Getting the most out of your fancy new animation

So you’ve just received your super exciting shiny new animated video ready to promote your business, idea or event to take over the world!  Awesome.

But now what?

Of course you have all of the obvious options to launch a video – from your social media platforms, the landing page of your website (which figures show can increase conversion rates by up to 80% by the way…) or stick it on your newly created Youtube Channel. But what else can you do with it?

As an animation studio, we want to make sure our clients get the most out of their animation so as the experts we want to make sure you get the best bang for your buck (or punch for your pound as us Brits like to say)!

We have come up with some inspiration and suggestions that will squeeze out every last drop of animation goodness for your videos investment.

Drip feeding 

As the average human only has an attention span of 8 seconds, cutting up your animation into smaller sections may be a good idea. These smaller sections can be made into GIF loops to be used in your marketing strategy. GIFs are short, snappy and engaging which have become somewhat of a viral phenomenon in recent years. Here are some ideas of ways which they are best used:

  • Used to build up your portfolio on Instagram in a fun and eye catching way.
  • Used as facebook ads to promote your business.
  • Positioned across your website for exciting little pops of entertainment.
  • Added to your email marketing campaign.
  • Sent out as an E-card to customers and colleagues.

Using the artwork further 

Artwork and character designs featured in your animation could be used in other print areas of your campaign and branding to further extend your animation’s presence. Stills from your animation can be printed in brochures, the characters can be used to pose beside different products on screen (like your own personal model) and helps to increase campaign retention, shows vivid personality and take your campaign one step further.

Your animated logo

99 times out of 100, if we are creating an animated video for you we will animate your logo as part of the service. Why not run with it? Put a looped video on your website or use it on your facebook account. It just adds that little bit of magic seeing your brand brought to life!

Behind the scenes 

Don’t forget that while your animation is in production you might want to drip feed it on social media to show that you have something exciting in the works. Any little behind the scenes clips and concept art development. These won’t give too much away but shows that something exciting is coming and teases and builds anticipation for your loyal customers and followers.

Real world stuff

Play it as an intro at live events, during presentations or create different length versions for commercial use whether it be for TV advertising, a pre-movie cinema commercial or simply embed it into an interactive PDF brochure.

And then what?

It’s simple… continue telling your story! What is the next part? Now you have a character that people recognise and relate to you, why not keep that momentum going? Where else could your audience see them, could they be used in posters and seasonal promotions? Absolutely! Utilise them to tell customers about updates or maybe to promote your business ethics. Your character is now your spokesperson which your audience connects with in a way they won’t usually connect to a brand alone.

A good character deeply connects people with the idea or event that is being communicated making animated characters a priceless marketing tool. Why not use your character in as many places as possible. They could be used at events and festivals, fairs, recruitment drives, on billboards or roller banners, adapted for an app, on merchandise, tv ads or even used in virtual or augmented reality… The possibilities are endless!

If you want to go to the next level (and why shouldn’t you), you can always put your character into new scenarios. Why not make them face new challenges or have them reacting to the real world and to what is trending? Once you have it up and running, it’s easier to keep that momentum going. Don’t let people forget about what you’ve created for your business after all your hard work and effort. Your animation has created a strong brand and personality and there are a thousand different ways that working together with your animator can make possible. They can help to live out your character’s story and all the fun adventures they could take you and your business on.

So, now you’ve launched it and created an incredible social media campaign with this animation which you’ve used across every possible area, stretching it as far as it’ll possibly go – what’s next on the horizon?