Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world.

At +3K we are dedicated to developing modern day storytelling that finds the joy in humanity and inclusion with entertainment at its core.


We believe in appeal. A visual or character that you can’t take your eyes off… whether disturbing or adorable, appeal is what will keep your audience hooked. Appeal in animation is what makes it engaging. That added sparkle, the icing on the cake!

We can’t get enough of it.


+3K is an animation production company with Cumbria at its heart. We maintain a thriving hub of talent in Carlisle City Centre with both remote and in-house teams, utilising our international network of world class industry specialists whilst providing an outlet and training ground to nurture local creatives and rising talent.

Our Headquarters are located in the bright and colourful collaborative workspace, The Guild , Carlisle. A hub of creative talent and entrepreneurial wizardry in our fair city.

Photos by Jenny Woolgar

Even before COVID-19, we have always been passionate about remote working. Whether to provide a more flexible working experience (hello parents, dog owners, day to day responsibilities…) or to work with our awesome team of talent from around the globe, in many different time zones.

As long as we can trust you to respect and understand our Company Culture, keep communication high with your lead or team members and meet our high standards of work and creative deadlines then you could be right at home with the +3K family… whilst literally working from home too.

Work Experience & Internships

Do you love telling stories? Us to! Working with +3K will give you the chance to learn while developing creative skills within our studio team!

Due to COVID-19 we are currently not open to Work Experience or Internships in our studio space but still get in touch to chat to us about upcoming opportunities in the near future. Send your CV and relevant portfolio to

Job Opportunities

We are currently scaling up the team and looking for some awesome freelance talent for short term contracts in the following roles:

CelAction Animators
Motion Graphics Artists (Adobe)
Compositors (Adobe)

All roles are remote. Please send your CV and relevant portfolio to

Come and Say Hi

+3K regularly attend networking, film and culture events and our CEO Lou works with Universities and learning establishments to deliver as many workshops and mentorships to animation students and those interested in the Animation Industry across the North of England.

Sign up to our Monthly Newsletter to stay in the loop with our upcoming events so you can grab your tickets, introduce yourself and feel free to bring your portfolio if you would like feedback on your work.