Lollipop Lil'


Animated Comedy Series – 52 x 7′



Hilarious, relatable and packed with fun, Lollipop Lil’ is an animated comedy series helping children navigate early school years with focus on friendship, imaginative play and the environment.

Everyone with small children can appreciate the power of their local lollipop person – or crossing guard to our international friends! They make the trip to school fun, exciting and most importantly SAFE.

Lollipop Lil’ is sweet and approachable, always ready with warm words of wisdom and ready to put a smile on your face…

At first glance she may be everyone’s favourite Grandma but when she puts on her yellow jacket and lifts her lollipop stick, she transforms into your local superhero! She is as nimble as a cat, sharp as a button and always ready to throw herself into the mix.

She has dedicated her life to her town and getting it’s children safely to school. She has a story to tell about every person to pass her crossing and is always ready to lend a hand, or an ear and protect her town no matter the weather.

This Lollipop lady is down with the kids and always excited to learn something new. Her hobbies include baking, coding and kung fu.

Each episode sees our strong female lead supporting and enriching her town with the help of her school kids. Not to mention fighting crime, the weather and her number 1 nemesis… bad drivers!

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