Animated IP: Willow and the Forget-Me-Nots


13×25 minute episodes


7 – 12


An epic eco-adventure series with friendship at its heart.

An animated adventure series following Willow, a brave young Cumbrian girl as she encounters ancient guardian creatures, who have lay dormant for thousands of years and have started to awaken, triggered by the dramatic changes we have made to the planet.

Once devoted protectors of the Earth, the ancient guardians turned bitter and toxic, plagued by the footprint left by the human race. But all is not lost. Eddie, a powerful Lakeland Guardian joins Willow on her quest to find a solution to the perilous feud that is tearing the world apart.

Epic adventure will take our audience all over the globe with Willow and her band of “Goonies” style buddies as we explore the farest corners of the planet and discover the history of the Guardians and how each one came to be.

Throughout their adventures, Willow and the gang will encounter awesome, epic creatures, scary landscapes and must make decisions that could shape the fate of the planet for good.