The Fell We Climb: Animated Short Film


Animated Short Film

Driven by creativity and family, Hamira must find her voice to inspire an anti-racist future for all


The Fell We Climb is an animated short film inspired by the real life experiences of black and brown youngsters growing up in Cumbria. +3K Animation have teamed up with Anti Racist Cumbria and Executive Producer, TV’s Nigel Clarke, to bring to life a spell-binding and authentic character driven story to inspire future generations to become anti-racist.



We need your help to finish our film!

Whether you can give money or not please please share our campaign and help us reach the summit of The Fell We Climb. This story needs to be told.

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The Story So Far...

In 2020, Anti Racist Cumbria teamed up with +3K Animation to deliver a series of workshops for young black and brown people to learn animation and explore culture and identity. We quickly realised how passionate the kids were about an anti-racist future with their clear vision for change, and the project organically grew to become as epic as they are. Animated Futures was born.

The Fell We Climb

Packed with a powerful message, this short film has already had such an incredible impact on everyone involved in the process so far. We follow Hamira, a young Cumbrian girl as she navigates her way through racism in its many forms and what inspires her to share her story and how she strives for positive change. We hope this film will not only inspire young people across the world to celebrate their differences but motivate even the coldest of hearts to become actively anti-racist. It’s a truly uplifting experience that we can’t wait to bring to your screens!

Help us to finish the film, please support our crowdfunder

The incredible short film is in pre-production and we only have 30 days to raise £30,000 (there’s now over £7,500 raised already!!) which will allow us to finish the project, so the film can be fully animated and shared in cinemas, festivals and in schools as an educational resource in Cumbria and beyond. We also want help to future-proof the #AnimatedFutures project so that the kids can continue to enjoy it and as it grows, bring in more children from a range of backgrounds and heritages to benefit from this and our other amazing grassroots projects. We even want to submit The Fell We Climb for film awards too!
Every contribution helps us get a little closer and every contribution gets a little thank you too. Reward packages start from just £10 and include things like exclusive film posters, specially designed T-shirts and artworks. For £300 you could even be in it! For businesses looking to support the project please get in touch directly with as soon as possible as we have limited availability of special business rewards. From £1,000 businesses can negotiate a reward package that fits them and the project, perhaps our lead character Hamira walks past their shop or business? Perhaps an organisation might want to be recognised as an ‘in association with’. There’s all sorts of ways an organisation can support and be part of it and make this happen! And so can YOU.
Whether you can give money or not please please share our campaign and help us reach the summit of The Fell We Climb. This story needs to be told.
Thank you.