Our Story

+3K was founded on three principles; Creativity + Storytelling + Heart.

From the glorious North of England, in the beautiful region of Cumbria, +3K Co-Founder and animator Lou Kneath had always dreamed of creating dreams! To produce spell-binding storytelling and characters for audiences to fall in love with. After graduating from Animation Mentor with a diploma in Character Animation and a world-class network of sensational animation industry talent, Lou started building animation opportunites from her home of Cumbria, working with brands and agencies from across the UK.

In 2018, she met media entreprenuer Bernard Cragg. They shared a vision to create an animation eco-system of talent from Cumbria that would have global reach for projects and talent alike. +3K Animation was born – with the intention of telling stories that matter through vivid animation.

Animation can make anything possible – we can even make pigs fly!