TV Series – 8 episodes x 50 mins


Teen/Young Adult


A coming of age fantasy/action/drama set in London, 2017. We explore real life issues through the eyes of a modern day teenager, by placing Greek and Roman mythology in a contemporary setting.

"Nothing in this universe is more powerful than love. If you could see love in front of you, if you could hold it in your hands, how would you wield that power? This is the job of the Cupids."

We follow Rose, our seventeen year old protagonist, recruited by the Cupid Agency as they struggle to deal with their greatest threat, a new strain of Hate accelerated by digital technology.


Rose must learn to adapt to her new world and manage her emotions in order to control her new found powers. Discovering her own authentic self may just be her greatest strength in the hope of saving mankind.


Thousands of years ago Eros, the God of Love, founded the Cupid Agency to maintain and promote the balance of Love and Hate across the ever growing human population. The Agency consists of an elite team of Gods and humans who work together as Cupid agents, scientists, philosophers and warriors. They detect and monitor Love and Hate data through their operating system K.A.R.M.A (Kinetic Augmented Reality Mood Analysis).